Rockhill Ridge offers a number of activities throughout the year.  Among
these are an annual picnic and spring and fall cleanups.   The association
also publishes a periodic newsletter to inform residents of activities and
other items of interest.


Rockhill Ridge has two neighborhood cleanups each year – one in the Spring
and one in the Fall  – usually the fourth Saturday of May and October.  Check the
calendar for exact time, location is specified in the newsletter.

Two dumpsters are obtained from the City – one for leaves/brush and one
for trash.

  • Leaves must be in paper bags.  No plastic bags allowed.  Brush should be no longer than four feet.
  • The trash dumpster is available for use of residents only.  It is not to be used by contractors.

The dumpsters are placed at a centrally located area between 8 and 11 a.m.  Get
there early!   Dumpsters fill up fast and will be closed when full.

Donations are suggested to support Rockhill Ridge activities.

Volunteer to help monitor the dumpsters for an hour and get to know your neighbors!



Rockhill Ridge publishes a Spring and Fall newsletter to publicize events, activities and other items of interest.

If you have suggestions about the newsletter or would like to see information on certain topics, please let us know.

Contact the newsletter editor or email


Rockhill Ridge holds an annual picnic, usually at 57th and Charlotte, the center of the Rockhil Ridge neighborhood..   Details will be distributed in the newsletter and added to the online calendar.

Rockhill Ridge furnishes meat, paper plates, utensils and napkins.  Please bring a side dish, drink or dessert and a lawn chair. We often have activities or information of special interest.

Come enjoy the fun and get to know your neighbors!

Donations are welcome to support Rockhill Ridge Activities.


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